Were NYers with Power in the Dark about Sandy’s Impact?

Or, maybe I should just speak for myself…  It’s been almost a week since Hurricane Sandy hit and no one could have imagined the damaging effects that it had.  We’ve had hurricanes before – the cable might flicker or go out, a few trees go down, but Sandy?… This is something that we haven’t encountered…  Perhaps that’s why I initially didn’t think it was as bad as it was.  Or, perhaps it’s because I was employing my limited Manhattan lens.  Uptown, there was relatively no effect. Yeah, there were some downed trees and losses of power and transportation, but for the most part, things came back relatively quickly. Read The Rest

NYC Torn Over Whether the Marathon Show Should Go On

New York City is torn over whether or not the Marathon should still go on.  Hundreds of thousands of people are without power, homes are flooded, transportation has been a nightmare for many and more than 40 people have died.  Not to mention, general mounting frustration.  But, the show must go on!  Or, should it?  Is it insensitive to still run the race with all of the devastation? Read The Rest

Welcome, Sexy Givers!

This blog has been a long time coming – let me tell you!  Over the past few years, I’ve become really involved with nonprofit and charity organizations through my work in public relations and special events.  Along the way, I’ve gone to some fabulous events, and met some amazing people (dressed in pure fierceness) all for good cause.  Talk about partying with purpose!  I was able to build relationships with high level executives, celebrities, and world renowned brands by going to or organizing fundraisers.  And, nothing feels better than to live your life, do what you love, meet good people, and use your resources and relationships to benefit the people who need the help most.

Haute Giving will bring you all things sexy in philanthropy by pulling the curtain back on the nonprofit world –  fashion, news, opinion, culture, the business of philanthropy and anything else I feel like talking about, all in the name of charity.

You’ll definitely get a look into posh red carpet events, celebrity charities and causes, and your favorite designers’ fashions and products that benefit organizations here and around the world.  But, most important, I hope to shine a light on the people and the causes that help the world go round.  Not everything in the giving world is sexy, but sexy is definitely the fuel…

This first blog post comes on the heels of one of the most devastating hurricanes that New York and New Jersey have seen.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected.  Sexy givers, if you would like to help in the recovery efforts, here are a couple of sites you can go to:


NBC to Host Live Sandy Benefit Concert on Friday

Christina Aguilera and Bruce Springstein are among the performers. I’ll be watching.  Will you?