Nonprofits Use Daylight Savings as an Opp to Support Arts Education

SERVE 60, Artists Working in Education and The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music kicked off Daylight Saving Time Weekend with a night of art,  music and giving back. On March 8, when Americans were getting ready to move their clocks forward, these three organizations joined forces with Gozamos to throw a benefit concert and move the next generation forward. The concert event, “Looking Back, Moving Forward.”, raised money and support for education programs in music and the arts for Milwaukee area youth.



The event featured alternative rock artist and former American Idol contestant, Esh The Singer, Indie and Hip Hop group, Fresh Cut Collective and the Jazz and Hip Hop artist, Klassik. The concert benefited art and music education programs at The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and Artists Working in Education, as well as general non-profit programming for  SERVE 60’s mission to increase volunteerism and community service.

SERVE 60 is always looking for new, creative ways to give back to the community during Daylight Saving Time weekends and Gozamos is dedicated to highlighting arts and culture related events within the city so we thought this would be a great way to support the very things that provide us with content to write about. We are truly excited to be a part of this collaboration,” said Ciera McKissick, SERVE 60 Event Coordinator and Editor for Gozamos Milwaukee.  “Partnering with these dynamic nonprofits to encourage and support arts and music education made perfect sense. We are also furthering our SERVE 60 mission to pioneer the “one hour volunteer movement” by highlighting the importance of arts and music education for the next generation of youth,” she added.

The concert’s theme “Looking Back, Moving Forward.” encourages the performers and featured visual artists to reflect on their childhood experiences with music and art and to explain how those experiences influenced their artistry as adults. They are also tasked with finding a way to help the next generation “move forward” through arts and music.

Now more than ever, with budget cuts in school music and art programs, these three nonprofits want to give back by helping to ensure music and art education continues. The concert is not only to raise awareness now but to start a conversation that will serve as a future call to action. Concert goers will leave with an understanding of the necessity for art, music, and giving back.

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For more information please contact the SERVE 60 office at (414) 389–9906. You can also find SERVE 60 on facebook and twitter @serve60.

Latoya Henry is the publisher and founder of Haute Giving: The Sexy Side of Philanthropy.
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