Jasmine Guy Tackles Child Sex Trafficking As Spokesperson For ‘I Am Not Yours’ Campaign (WATCH)

Sex Trafficking has been at the forefront of the news with President Obama discussing steps to end modern-day slavery – declaring January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  Jada Pinkett Smith has been a strong advocate for eliminating modern slavery in the world and has testified to urge Congress to act by testifying during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  And now, her fellow “A Different World” alum, Jasmin Guy is featured in a the “I Am Not Yours” campaign.

I am not yours

I had no idea that Atlanta was such a hub for sex trafficking and slavery,” Guy said in an interview with HLN’s Kyra Phillips Thursday. “I thought it was an illegal alien problem, that they were shipping women in from other countries, but that our girls were being snatched from our streets and being forced into prostitution, that was beyond what I knew about”.

The “I Am Not Yours” campaign is an effort by NOtYours!, an organization committed to bringing national awareness to child sex trafficking, with an emphasis in Georgia.

jasmineguy3 via spelmanThere is a child sex trade epidemic in America. Recently the FBI named Atlanta as one of 14 cities in the nation with the highest incidents of children used in prostitution. Each month, approximately two hundred to five hundred girls are commercially sexually exploited throughout Georgia and research has indicated that the average age of entry is between 12 and 14 years old.  

Exploited girls do not self-identify as victims, and deny victimization due to fear of the physical and psychological abuse inflicted by the trafficker/pimp, as well as trauma bonds developed through the victimization process. “Our mission is to make a difference in the fight against child exploitation, shares CEO Mona Stephen. “While we may not have an absolute answer, we will certainly ensure our efforts will heighten the sense of urgency and awareness to this important cause.” 

For Information about I Am Not Yours, visit the website at www.IAmNotYours.com and follow them on Twitter @notyoursproject.



Photos via Spelman.edu and NotYours.com

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