She’s the Boss: Eudoxie Bridges, Unspoken Angels

biopicEudoxie Bridges, a native of the villages of Gabon in West Central Africa, came from humble beginnings and knows what it means to struggle. She was reared in impoverished circumstances, sometimes not even having enough to eat. Enduring various forms of verbal, mental and sexual abuses, Eudoxie prayed to be delivered from the environment that had become common place in the African culture. She was brought to America, only speaking three English words, yet managed to succeed in our educational systems.

The idea of Unspoken Angels has long since been a burning desire in her heart.  “There are few things of more importance to me than to reach back to young ladies who have experienced abuses and be able to help them deal with the hurt, betrayal and feelings of inadequacy that I too have suffered in association with those abuses.  This non-profit agency is a vehicle to let young ladies know they are not alone and there is life after abuse.”

Unspoken Angels is a global organization determined to support, educate, inspire and empower young ladies of the United States and West Africa, as it provides safe and comforting environments, infused with positive initiatives for females who have experienced verbal, mental and sexual abuses. The counselors and mentors of Unspoken Angels are focused on helping them to overcome past experiences of abuse; to encourage positive perceptions of self worth; and most importantly to provide opportunities to achieve personal success and professional independence.

Here are a few pics of Eudoxie giving in action:

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Latoya Henry is the publisher and founder of Haute Giving: The Sexy Side of Philanthropy.
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