Super Bowl XLVII: NFL Charity Gumbo

As millions of sports fans, athletes, celebrities and Beyonce fans converge on New Orleans, LA for Super Bowl XLVII, you’ve gotta take a moment to reflect and think about what a special moment this is for the city.  A city that was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Where nearly 2,000 people died and there was billions of dollars worth of damage…  People stranded on rooftops, images of the thousands of people who took refuge in the Louisiana Superdome after losing their homes.  And, who can forget Kanye at a telethon voicing the frustration and appall many of us felt at the time.

It’s really an inspiring moment to see this city known for celebration and resilience come back from the devastation and a slow/lack luster response from its government, now host one of the largest if not THE largest sporting event in the country.  This is HUGE not just for the teams that compete.  Yes, I’m sure this is a biggie for the Baltimore Ravens and the San Fran 49ers who are both contending for the number one spot. And, for the advertisers who’ll capitalize on the more than 160 million people tuned in for the event.  But for the local economy and the nonprofit organizations that serve the people who live and work in the community, this is MAJOR!

According to Reuters, the Super Bowl will infuse an estimated $434 million into the local economy and trigger another tourism boom.  All of this is not lost on the celebrities, athletes and companies who are in town for the event.  They are doing their part to give back and use the Super Bowl as a platform for shedding light on issues and causes.

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