Survey Says: Michelle Obama Top Charity Influencer, Not a Celebrity
A survey conducted by crowd funding organization specifically for causes, Razoo, reveals that the top charity influencer is the First Lady, Michelle Obama and not a celebrity.

Americans are twelve times more likely to donate to a charity endorsed by Michelle Obama than by a famous actor or singer 

According to the survey’s findings, Americans are 12 times more likely to donate to First Lady Michelle Obama’s charities over causes endorsed by major entertainment celebrities. Of the 2,059 adults aged 18 and older surveyed online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Razoo in November 2012, 65% say that they would not donate to any celebrity’s causes.
For those who may be looking to the famous for charity choices, Michelle Obama ranked highest out of a given list of public figures as the celebrity’s cause to which Americans would most likely donate (12%). Against superstar Alicia Keys, U.N. Ambassador Angelina Jolie and media mogul Oprah Winfrey Mrs. Obama wields more influence to motivate charitable donations.
Americans are more likely to give to Mrs. Obama’s charities over causes endorsed by the following:
  • 3 times more likely than Oprah Winfrey (4%)
  • 4 times more likely than Taylor Swift (3%)
  • 6 times more likely than Angelina Jolie or Alicia Keys (both 2%)
  • 12 times more likely than Justin Bieber (1%)
“We applaud everyone, whether you’re famous or not, who stands up for the causes they care about,” said Lesley Mansford, CEO of Razoo. “One certainly doesn’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference. Anyone can make a difference by giving either their money, time or influence.”
Latoya Henry is the publisher and founder of Haute Giving: The Sexy Side of Philanthropy.
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